Stop Mosquitoes
from Biting
with a Mosquito Magnet
Trap from Our Store in
Perham, Minnesota

(888) 526-9407


In Warranty Repairs

* Your mosquito magnet has a one year manufacture warranty from date of purchase

* Free shipping provided to Mosquito Trap Store

* The repair process starts when you call Woodstream Corp. at 1-800-953-5737

* Upon verifying the traps registration date you will be given a authorization RGA #, Free         pre-paid shipping label  and shipping instructions.                       

* Do not ship the propane tank or stand. Only ship the power head and power cord or             battery.

* For professional repairs recommend the Mosquito Trap Store, we hold priority for our            warranty customers.

* Ship to: Mosquito Trap Store 43606 Mosquito Heights Rd. Perham, MN. 56573 



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