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Mosquito Magnet Traps & Accessories for Sale

Mosquito Trap Store doesn't just repair and recondition your Mosquito Magnet trap. We can also sell you a new device to replace the one you own to help you start experiencing a mosquito-free environment. There's nothing better than an outdoor party or event free of biting mosquitoes, and Mosquito Trap Store can help you create it!

Mosquito Magnet Trap Accessories
Every time the propane tank runs dry, you should fill it with octenol attractant. We also sell nets, batteries, and battery chargers—you should change your trap's batteries every 3 to 5 years. When you send in your Mosquito Magnet trap for repairs, you're more than welcome to let us know if you need accessories, so that we can include them when we return your working trap.

Mosquito Magnet Trap Sales

• Traps for Smaller Areas     • Traps for 110v  power 


• Battery-Operated Traps                • Traps with User features          

     Priced at $300 to $950 (Little Assembly Required)*

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