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Keep Mosquitoes from Ruining Your outside Event

                       with Professional Mosquito Magnet  Repairs

Protect yourself from mosquitoes with Authorized Factory Trained Professional Mosquito Magnet repairs and sales from our full-service shop in Perham, Minnesota. Mosquito Trap Store's Mosquito Magnet  repairs and reconditioning services are exactly what you need to tell mosquitoes to buzz off from your outside event. Contact our store today for more details about how our Mosquito Magnet repairs and services can safeguard your property from those annoying insects.

Mosquito Magnet  Repair & Reconditioning
Most Mosquito trap devices need reconditioning after a certain amount of time. When the fan stops working, lights will start to flash on your Mosquito Magnet trap. Those flashing lights mean that your trap isn't catching biting mosquitoes and needs some attention. The trap could just be out of propane or need its net cleaned. Helpful hints can be found in the instructions in the manual or from our professionals on our customer service line.

If the reset does not work, then Mosquito Magnet repairs should be done immediately. We will also advise you on whether or not buying a new device is more financially viable than having repairs done.

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