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Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Many people believe that mosquitoes are simply annoying insects that bite and leave an itchy bump that will simply disappear in a few days.  What they don't realize is that these tiny biting insects can carry deadly diseases that cause thousands of illnesses and deaths each year.  With the increase in international travel, no one is immune to mosquito-borne diseases.


The health risks from mosquito diseases can be avoided with effective mosquito control systemsMosquito Magnet® Traps are scientifically proven to kill mosquitoes, as well as interrupt their breeding cycle.  This offers your family and pets long-term protection against mosquito-borne diseases.



Encephalitis - Mosquito-Borne Disease


In simple terms, arboviral refers to a disease that is transmitted by an arthropod such as a mosquito to a host, usually a human, bird or animal.  The forms of this mosquito-borne disease include St. Louis, Western Equine, LaCrosse, and Eastern Equine.


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Dengue Fever - Mosquito-Borne Disease


Dengue Fever, also known as Breakbone Fever or O’nyong-nyong Fever, is primarily a mosquito-borne disease of the tropics and subtropics that is transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, a day-biting mosquito.


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Malaria - Mosquito-Borne Disease


Some estimates place 40% of the world's population at risk for malaria.  There are anywhere from 350 to 500 million cases of the disease throughout the world every year. Of these cases, malaria claims over one million lives annually.


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West Nile Virus - Mosquito-Borne Disease


The CDC keeps track of West Nile Virus as well as other life-threatening vector-caused diseases.  It has recorded thousands of WNV cases in our country alone since it was first reported here in 1999.


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Yellow Fever - Mosquito-Borne Disease


Despite the development of a Yellow Fever vaccine over 60 years ago, urban outbreaks have occurred in Africa, largely due to lack of immunization or low immunization rates of many urban populations.


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Heartworm - Mosquito-Borne Disease


Present in every region of the world except Antarctica, this disease is found in every state of the United States, with southeastern states and states along the lower half of the Mississippi River having the highest number of cases.


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